Sunday, 22 April 2012

Emilley's Pincushion!

Good morning everyone =)

I have made my first pincushion! Yay!

I found these teacups at an op shop the other day when I went looking for a sewing table (so that my dining room table could finally go back to normal!). I loved the silver-outlined roses around the cup and around the outside of the saucer. They came in a set of 3, which was good because I am making a second teacup pincushion as a little gift =) Anyone have any suggestions on what I can use the third, leftover teacup for?

I found the pincushion to be quick and easy to make. I did a no-sew version (for a change!).
You simply take a piece of fabric, place a large handful of hobby fill in the centre, bring together all the corners and then tie the ends together with a rubber band. Snip off the excess fabric and squash it into your cup. Then I just glued on the lace and bow around the cup.
It did take me a couple of times to get the amount of hobby fill right (the first time the cushion was too small for the cup, the second time it was too big, and the third time I just had to reshape it by squishing it into more of a ball shape).

Here is my finished result:

Oh, and yes I did end up finding myself a sewing table =) $40 and in great condition, all it needed was a good clean. Big enough desk-top for cutting out fabric as well. Feeling pretty happy with my op shop purchases!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Emilley xx
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