Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Re-purpose and re-use!

Lately I have been looking at ways that I can give new life to some old clothes, and make better use of clothes that no longer fit or that I have only worn once or twice.

The other day I cut up a top that doesn't quite fit right, as it is too short in length. I used the material to make a simple skirt for a little girl, and also as the material for my teacup pincushion (see below). I was pretty happy with the results!

And I know that the two new items will get more use than the top ever did. Which was the whole idea of the project!

Next on my list was an old, over-sized, tunic-style top that had no shape to it whatsoever! I love it, however it really does resemble a potato sack as far as shape goes. Definitely not flattering on a pregnant body! I found this tutorial: Sweet Verbena - 20 minute cinch tee tutorial
Very easy to follow and I was able to revamp my old top and give it a much nicer shape =) Can't wait to overhaul other tops in my wardrobe now!


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