Friday, 11 May 2012

Jewelry Organisers

Every girl likes jewelry of some sort.
Every girl has jewelry of some sort.
Especially me!
But I found that since we moved house last year I haven't been wearing any of my much-loved necklaces. A few days ago I realised that this was largely because they were all tangled together in a little box in one of my bedside drawers. Every time I went to grab one, I'd give up and walk away because I couldn't be bothered to untangle any of them!
Finally I decided to go ahead with the frustratingly slow task of untangling what felt like hundreds of necklaces. When I was done, there was no way I was shoving them all back into that tiny box to get twisted up again!

So I raided the house and found two little wall hooks and strung up some shiny white ribbon to create a hanging space for them =) Not my most creative idea, but it looks cool on the wall I've chosen!

For some amazingly crafty and fabulous jewelry organizer ideas, this website has some great projects:
DIY Jewelry Organisers

Happy organizing!

Emilley =) Pin It Now!

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